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Research Skills MOOC FAQs for Students


What if I have a Coursesites account but I can’t find the Research Skills MOOC?

  • This happens if you choose LOGIN at the first screen rather than SELF-ENROLL.
  • Go to the beginning MOOC/Coursesites link, choose SELF-ENROLL and then I HAVE A COURSESITES ACCOUNT.


What if I forgot my password?

  • Go to the beginning MOOC/Coursesites link and choose FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD.
  • Maximize the browser window and choose the EMAIL ADDRESS OPTION.
  • Retrieve the email and follow directions to reset password.
  • If this is not successful, contact Suzanne Levasseur and/or Ellen Pratt (email addresses below).


How do I email my achievement to my professor?

  • In the MOOC, choose COURSE TOOLS from the menu on the left.
  • Choose ACHIEVEMENTS. Any achievements you have earned will appear brightly colored. On the right of these achievements are three small icons. Choose the third one, the print icon.
  • Now, with the achievement certificate large on your screen, press the keys CTRL and Print Screen at the same time. This will take a “screenshot” of everything on your computer screen.
  • Create an email to your instructor. In the body of the email press the keys CTRL and V at the same time, which will paste the achievement into the email.


What if I don’t have enough points to earn the achievement for my class? 

  • You need to answer 80% of the questions correctly, which means a score of 120 for FYE 101, 384 for ENG 101, and 120 for CIS 127.
  • Have you completed all the quizzes?
    • Print the appropriate list of modules from the MOOC link on the library website.
    • Access COURSE TOOLS and then MY GRADES in the MOOC. Compare completed quizzes with the list.
  • Have you taken all the quizzes AND used up all quiz attempts?
    • Print your grades and contact your instructor.


What if I have another kind of problem?

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